Rajasthan state Blood Transfusion Council

National Blood Transfusion Council, New Delhi

The NBTC is the central body that coordinates the State Blood Transfusion Councils (SBTCs) and also ensures involvement of other Ministries and other health programmes for various activities relate to Blood Transfusion Services (BTS). At the national level the supervision by the blood transfusion services division in NACO and National Blood Transfusion Council.


Rajasthan State Blood Transfusion Council(RSBTC), Jaipur

Rajasthan State Blood Transfusion Council, Jaipur is providing financial aid of Rs. 25/- to NGO/Organization who are organizing the voluntary blood donation camp, financial aid can be used for refreshment of voluntary blood donor. Financial aid is providing to only those NGO/Organization who are arranging blood donation camp for Govt. blood banks. Additional financial grant Rs. 2500/- per camp is also providing to Govt. blood banks for organizing blood donation camps (Minimum collection must be 75 blood units per camp)  


Blood Mobile Van

Two Blood Mobile vans are being used for vouluntary blood donation camps.     

Dr. Manmohan Mittal, Dy. Director, RSBTC Blood Safety states that, “Online blood monitoring will ease patient’s requirement of blood for which they have to wait for hours with zero per cent human error in blood transfusion.”

Blood Transportation Van

Total 16 Blood Transportation Vans are distributed to  16 blood bnaks  of Rajasthan