Dr.(Smt.) Kalpana Vyas

Phone No. - +91-9414462476

Email - edlrmsc@nic.in


The main activities of Logistic section at RMSC are to:-


  •  Ensure proper management, storage & upkeep of Drugs at District Drug Warehouses (DDWs) & Medical College Drug Warehouses (MCDWs)

  • Ensuring availability & upkeep of essential storage equipments

  • Updation of EDL (from time to time)

  • Coordination with Medical & Health department & Medical Education  Department for generation & submission of  annual demand of medicines, surgical & suture items

  •  Need based organization of workshops & trainings.


Working of Logistics section :-


  • Management and functioning of 34 District Drug Warehouses (DDWs) & 5 Medical College Drug Warehouses  (MCDWs).

  • Updation of  RMSC’s Essential Drug List (EDL) through conduction of TAC meetings and approval of Board of Directors.

  • Prepare guidelines & framework for collecting Annual Demand of Medicines, Surgical & Sutures, to validate annual demand & providing the consolidated demand to facilitate Procurement Section for rate contracts.

  • Monitoring of civil works at DDWs & MCDWs.

  • To ensure availability of heavy duty racks, Pallets, ACs, De-humidifiers, Computers, Printers, Vacuum cleaners, Fire extinguishers, Hydraulic stackers, Hand pallet trucks and requisite furniture etc. at District/ Medical College Drug Warehouses for proper storage of medicines as per norms.

  • To make available Walk-in coolers, ILRs & Deep Freezer to maintain potency & quality of temperature sensitive medicines at DDWs/MCDWs.

  • To ensure write off & process, disposal of expired/Breakage/Spoilage medicines at DDWs/MCDWs as per norms.

  • Organize Training/Workshops/Conferences related to quality of generic medicines & rational use of drugs.

  • Coordinate with visiting teams of other countries, states & agencies for research & studies undertaken by them.