Rajasthan State Blood Transfusion Council(RSBTC), Jaipur

1.      Rajasthan State Blood Transfusion Council, Jaipur is constituted under Rajasthan Societies  Registration Act, 1958 wide registration No. 261/1996-97 dated 29-08-1996.

2.      Total 151 Blood Banks are presently functional in Rajasthan, out of them 56 are supported by state Govt., 5 Central Govt. and 89 are running  is private sector. NACO is supporting 51 blood bank (46 Govt. & 5 Private).

3.      All blood banks of Rajasthan are mandatorily conducting following 5 tests on all blood units as per Drugs & cosmetics Act 1940 & Rules 1945.

4.      HIV

5.      Hepatitis-B

6.      Hepatitis-C

7.      Syphilis

8.      Malaria

9.      As per the state Govt. Directions, all blood banks are providing blood at free of cost to all Hemophilic, Thalesemic, Sickle cell anemic, HIV infected & BPL patients.

10.  Rajasthan State Blood Transfusion Council, Jaipur is providing financial aid of Rs. 25/- to NGO/Organization who are organizing the voluntary blood donation camp, financial aid can be used for refreshment of voluntary blood donor. Financial aid is providing to only those NGO/Organization who are arranging blood donation camp for Govt. blood banks. Additional financial grant Rs. 2500/- per camp is also providing to Govt. blood banks for organizing blood donation camps (Minimum collection must be 75 blood units per camp)

11.  For promoting voluntary blood donation in Rajasthan, RSBTC is celebrating world blood donor day on 14 June & National voluntary blood donor day on 01 October every year. Voluntary blood donor & NGO/Organization who are arranging blood donation camps are felicitated by Health Minister, Govt. of Rajasthan.

12.  No Objection Certificate to Charitable trust for opening new blood bank also issued by RSBTC, for this charitable trust must be public trust & registered by charity commissioner devasthan department (at least 2 year old). After scrutiny of documents submitted by charitable trust, 3 members committee do the physical verification of site & documents, then after NOC issued as per recommendation of 3 members committee (NACO office order no.S-12016/1/2014-NBTC dated 21-09-2015)

13.  As per NACO office order no.S-12016/1/2014-NBTC dated 21-09-2015 & Gazette notification of 03 April 2017, RSBTC also issued  the permission for outdoor voluntary blood donation camp to private sector blood banks after inspection.

14.  NACO-NBTC also provides the SBTC grant under blood transfusion services head every year, as per annual action plan.

15.   All Govt. blood banks send 15% of their total revenue collection to RSBTC, Which is used for development of blood banks(Office order  2620 dated 16-05-2011)

16.   As per direction of National Blood Transfusion Council, RSBTC is authorized body to decide the service charges for blood & blood components for all Govt. & private blood banks. Presently services charges as per circular No. 2610 dated 31-08-2015, 3373 dated 26-10-2017 & amended circular No. 3403 dated 28-10-2017.

17.   RSBTC is facilitating the supply of blood bags (Single, Double, Triple & Quadruple) & test kits(Elisa & Rapid-HIV Hepatitis B & C) to Govt. blood banks as per their demand.

18.   RSBTC is also facilitating the training of blood bank medical officer, staff nurse & lab technicians on NACO training module through regional training center, blood bank ,Santokaba Durlabhji Memorial Hospital to improve the quality services of blood bank.

19.  RSBTC also conducting capacity building workshop for clinician on rational use of blood every year.

20.  National AIDS Control Organization New Delhi has allocated two mobile van to Rajasthan in October 2010 to organize voluntary blood donation camp is rural & urban area of Rajasthan. These blood mobile vans were allocated to following blood bank in January 2011:-

21.  Blood Bank, SMS Medical collage & Hospital, Jaipur

22.  Blood Bank, RNT Medical collage Udaipur

23.   RSBTC provide the financial assistance to concern blood banks for maintenance & fuel of blood mobile van. Insurance of above vehicles are done at state level.

24.  National Aids Control Organization New Delhi has also provided 16 blood transportation van, which were allocated to 16 blood bank by Hon. Health Minister, Govt. of Rajasthan on 14 June 2010. Later on, one more transportation van allocated to Rajasthan. Presently 17 blood transportation vans are functional in 17 districts.

25.  These 17 blood transportation van are used to supply blood from mother blood bank to blood storage centre in 17 districts.

26.  Insurance of above vehicle are done at state level by RSBTC and fund for salary of one driver, one attendant, fuel & maintainance is allocated to respective blood bank.