e-Upkaran (EMMS) is a comprehensive software solution to improve the Inventory Management & Maintenance Services of Equipments in Hospital’s across the Rajasthan.




To improve access to government facilities through improved Centralized Inventory Management System in the State



• Effective Inventory management.
• To know status of equipment/instrument on given point of time.
• Rational use of unused assets i.e. equipments, instrument and other inventories.
• Usages of equipment.
• Ascertain of new demand of equipments and instrument etc.




Key Features:




• Centralized Equipment Inventory Management
• Comprehensive Details of Equipment including Commissioning, Decommissioning, vendor details, AMC details etc 
• Complaint Monitoring 
• Equipment Status Monitoring 
• Equipment Usage Monitoring
• Preventive Maintenance Service Monitoring 
• Breakdown Details of the Equipments 
• Equipment service History and would be help in decision making for repair, service, spare or condemnation of equipment.
• Customizable Report





e-Upkaran module and description



Equipment Inventory Module

Online updating of inventory (Equipments &Instruments) including Guarantee & Maintenance Contract of all the available equipments and equipment installation location (user department.) at the individual healthcare facilities up to PHC level.

Equipment Complaint /Maintenance Module Online monitoring & management of equipment breakdown complaint / service & repair / preventive maintenance (PM) services.
Equipment Usage Module This module is used to update daily online Usage reporting (total nos. of test done by the equipment) from individual healthcare facilities up to PHC level.
Equipment Demand Module To ascertain new needs of equipmemt from facilities
Reporting This module is used to monitor daily online reporting tools from individual healthcare facilities up to PHC level. Due to role based access user can access and the operations that he/she can administer through the application.

Operational Advantages:




• Improved Health services at all institutes.
• Centralized monitoring of equipment for optimum utilizations.
• Online Status of Equipment Inventory, functionalities and maintenance status.
• Need base rationalization of equipment/instrument/others both inter and intra districts.
• To avoid duplication of resources and procurement orders, Ascertain/Validation of new Demand before procurement.
• AMC/CMC with the Service Provider to cut down on the cost of repair and maintenance and to avoid discontinuance of services and reduced break down time.
• Establishment of Complaint Redressed Cell at the state levels to cut break-down of services.
• With coordination between modernity and innovation, system would be made more effective and updated in conducting health programs. 
• Further it may be extend to management of hospital furniture and all other inventory (consumable & non consumable) and infrastructures etc.



Screen Shots:


Equipment Inventory Desk>>ADD

Complaint Raise Desk>>Raise

Reports>>Equipment stock on hand

Functional Modules & Processes





A. Equipment Inventory Module:
1. Equipment Inventory Desk 
2. Inventory MOIC Verify Desk
3. CMHO Approval for Inventory Modification
4. Equipment Guaranty and Maintenance Desk
5. Equipment User Department Desk




B. Equipment Complaint /Maintenance Module
1. Complaint Raise Desk(by Store In charge)
2. Complaint Approval By MOIC
3. Complaint Management Desk(By Zonal BME)
4. Complaint Final Close by MOIC




C. Equipment Usage Module
1. Equipment Usage Desk

D. Reports
1. Equipment Stock on Hand Report 
2. Equipment Usage done Report 
3. Equipment Usage not done Report 
4. List of Complaint Report 
5. List of Equipments under AMC Report 
6. List of Equipment Guaranty/AMC Expired 
7. Other reports




1. Inventory Management Cell
2. e-Upkaraan training of DNO IA (PPT)
3. e-UPKARAN user manual-1
4. e-UPKARAN user manual-2