ASHA Soft (The Online Payment and Monitoring System):- It is an online system launched on 25th December, 2014. The url of the system is ASHA Soft facilitates the user to capture beneficiary wise details of services given by ASHA to the community, online payment of ASHA to their bank accounts, generate various reports to monitor the progress of the programme and to ensure their timely and seamless online payment. The system is designed and developed by the National Informatics Centre – Rajasthan and for online payment, Bank of Baroda has been selected. Nodal Officer for ASHA Soft is State Demographer. Rajasthan is the first state to start online payments to ASHAs in its all districts. This online payment and performance monitoring system rolled out in all districts of Rajasthan for 47000 ASHAs




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Brief Description:-

ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) Programme 
Since inception of NRHM in 2005, ASHA (known as ASHA Sahyogini in Rajasthan) has played an important and critical role in implementation of health activities under NRHM. The ASHA programme was introduced as a key component of the community process intervention and now it has emerged as the largest community health worker programme in the world and is considered a critical contribution to enabling people's participation in health. 
ASHA is a community level worker whose role is to function as a health care facilitator, a service provider and to generate awareness on health issues. Besides delivering key services to maternal child health and family planning, she also renders important services under National Disease Control Programme.

ASHA`s Work Profile:
• Ensuring 4 antenatal checkups, institutional delivery and post natal checkups.
• Identifying the risk and referring the mother & child to the health institution. 
• Promoting attendance of children at anganwadi on village health and nutrition day for immunization.
• Holding monthly meetings of Village Health and Sanitation Committee.
• Counselling couples for family planning and distributing contraceptives to eligible couples.
• Counselling mothers fo immunization of child at every household. 
• Interface between community and health services to control diseases such as Malaria, Tuberculosis, Blindness etc.
Current scenario - A woman hired by Women & Child Department but works for Medical & health also, she gets fixed Rs. 1600 from WCD and M&H pays incentives. Currently around 48000 ASHA Sahyogini are working in the State. They are given a small village or a cluster of houses for ensuring better awareness about health, RCH activities and family welfare services in the village. 
Why ASHA Soft - To ensure timely and transparent online payment to ASHAs; To improve the system for effective monitoring their performance on 26 parameters.
Main activities - Verification of ASHA Claim Form; Online data entry of ASHA Claim Form and its verification on ASHA Soft; Release of sanction or fund transfer order; Release of payment (using DSC); SMS will be sent to ASHA for information of online payment.
Strengths - No capital investment in any manner and at any level (Existing PC is used); Existing Information Assistants/ Computer operators used –No new HR hired; Existing SMS Gateway is used…better used; Existing banker can be made partner; Utility of PCTS/MCTS, which in turn strengthens entry regime; No need to compile information manually; Informed decisions are encouraged.


S No.






1. Verification of ASHA Claim Form ANM Between 26th – 30th of the month
2. Online data entry of ASHA Claim Form and its verification on ASHA Soft IA/PHC Health Supervisor/Data Entry Operator
3. Release of sanction or fund transfer order MOIC with assistance of LHV/ Accountant By 4th of the next month
4. Release of payment (using DSC) CMHO Between 5th to 7th of the next month

Process flow:-



ASHA Soft Help line: 
Mobile No.: 8290266668, 8290266669

Awards & Accolades
• Certificate of Recognition awarded to "Medical and Health Department, Government of Rajasthan at 4th eHealth Healthcare LEADERS' AWARDS on March 12th, 2015.
• Elets Knowledge Exchange Awards 2015 on May 5th, 2015.



Study visits of other states:
Three States Maharashtra, Punjab & Karnataka team visited in the state to see the implementation of ASHA Software and requested NIC & Medical Health & FW department GOR to provide software to implement same in their states.


S No.

Particular/Item Description

1. 1502 Dt. 10.06.2014
2 2437 Dt. 11.07.2014
3 2522 Dt. 15.07.2014
4 2827 Dt. 23.07.2014
5 2983 dt 30.07.2014
6 6104 Dt. 11.12.2014
7 8703 Dt. 09.02.2015
8 SPL1 Dt. 20.03.2015
9 655 Dt. 04.05.2015
10 797 Dt. 08.05.2015
11 1064 Dt. 22.05.2015
12 1065 Dt. 22.05.2015
13 2250 dt 21.07.2015