Targeted Interventions


For the overall reduction in the epidemic, targeted interventions (TIs) are aimed to effect behaviour change through awareness raising among the high risk groups and clients of sex workers or bridge populations. These interventions are aimed to saturate three high risk groups with information on prevention; address clients of sex workers with safe sex interventions, and build awareness among the spouses of truckers and migrant workers, women aged 15 to 49 affected by HIV or vulnerable population groups.


Apart from prevention of HIV infection, TIs facilitate prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases as they increase the risk of HIV infection, and are linked to care, support and treatment services for HIV infected.


Currently, 41 Targeted Interventions and 3 Transit Interventions and 3 OST centres implemented in the state to cater the high risk groups.  The details as follows:


Type of  Intervention

No. of Units

Female sex worker


Injecting Drug User


Trans Gender


Core composite (FSW+MSM)  16
Core composite (FSW+TG)  01
Core composite (MSM+TG)  01
Core composite (FSW+MSM+TG)  01
Core composite (FSW+MSM+IDU)  01

Core composite (FSW+MSM+IDU+TG)


Core Composite (Trucker + Migrant)


Migrant  07
Trucker  01

Transit Intervention


Opioid Substitution therapy


Link Worker Scheme  01





Targeted Interventions emphasize and focus on the following elements that are the core activities of a TI:

Ø  Behaviour Change Communication

Ø  STI Management

Ø  Condom Promotion& Needle Syringes Exchange Program (NSEP)

Ø  Enabling Environment

Ø  Community Mobilization

Ø  Referral and Linkages