Integrated Counseling & Testing Center (ICTC) is a place which provides a window for rendering information about HIV prevention, counsels them to undergo testing, and provides testing facilities and also links positive people with treatment, care and support system. Therefore, availability and accessibility of ICTC services plays an important role in identification of HIV positive cases and ensuring the quality of life to HIV positive people by linking them with care, support and treatment. 


There are 184 Stand Alone ICTC at all Govt. Medical College, District Hospitals and CHCs of the districts where HIV infection rate is high and 2294 Facility Integrated ICTC, 150 PPP Model FICTC and 87 CBS FICTC are functional in the state. 


Current facility based distribution of Integrated Counseling and Testing Services in the state is as under:

  Medical Colleges District Hospital Satellite/Sub District Hospital Centrai Jail CHC FICTC (CHC/PHC) CBS FICTC (NGO-TI)


FICTC (Jail)

Total No of ICTCs   24     52     21     1  86    2294   41   46 150

Integrated Counseling & Testing Center services were initiated in the year 1999. At present all Medical colleges and 33 districts hospitals have ICTC


TB-HIV Co-ordination


State TB/HIV Coordination Committee has been established in the state. In all 33 Districts TB/HIV Co-ordination Committee has been established & committees are meeting at regular intervals.

Tuberculosis is one of the opportunistic infections and at present in only one TB sanatorium ICTC is functional. Therefore, ICTC centers and TB (DOTS) officer has to work in close coordination in other districts. Supervision and monitoring needs to examine the number of cross referred every month in each facility.



• Strengthening of  RNTCP and NACP linkages.

• Capacity building of the HIV-TB staff


Strategies for the expansion of access to counseling and testing services

• EID Centers has been established at all Districts.

• Expansion of FICTC services in all CHCs & all PHCs of 'A' & 'B' Category Districts.

• Strengthening ICTCs through Public Private Partnership in Hospitals/Cooperative Multi Specialty Hospital/ Cooperative Centers in Industries Hospital.

• Increase Demand of services through IEC

• Strengthening the Linkages Referral system.