Registration fee
  Head / Subject Fee
1 Fee for Provisional Registration Rs. 1000.00
2 Fee for Permanent Registration Rs. 2000.00
3 Fee for Registration of Additional Qualification Rs. 2000.00
4 Fee for issue of duplicate copy of Permanent Registration Certificate Rs. 600.00
5 Fee for issue of duplicate copy of Additional Registration Certificate Rs. 600.00
6 Fee for issue of Duplicate copy of Provisional Registration Certificate Rs. 30.00
7 Fee for issue of NOC Certificate for other Council Rs. 500.00
8 Fee for change of marital status or change of surname Rs. 100.00
9 Fee for Renewal of Permanent Registration (for every ten years) Rs. 1000.00
10 Fee for Forwarding application of Good Standing Certificate Rs. 500.00
11 Late fee (Per Month) Rs. 100.00
12 Fee for Provisional Registration (Foreign Institution) Rs. 5000.00
13 Fee for Permanent Registration (Foreign Institution) Rs. 5000.00
14 Fee for Additional Registration (Foreign Institution) Rs. 5000.00