Duties Of Practitioners To The Public



(A corporate body established and constituted under the provisions of


The Rajasthan Homoeopathic Medicine Act 1969.)  
  Duties of Practitioners to the Public


Practitioners as Citizens


Practitioners of Homoeopathy as good citizens, possessed of special training, shall advise concerning the health of the community wherein they dwell. They shall play their part in enforcing the laws of the community and in sustaining the institutions that advance the interest of humanity. They shall cooperate with the authorities in the observance and enforcement of sanitary laws and regulations and shall observe the provisions of all laws relating to Drugs, Poisons and Pharmacy made for the protection and promotion of public health.


Public Health


Practitioners of Homoeopathy engaged in public health work, shall enlighten the public concerning quarantine regulations and measures for the prevention of epidemic and communicable diseases. At all times the practitioners shall notify the constituted public health authorities of every case of communicable disease under their care, in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations of the health authorities. When an epidemic prevails, the practitioner of Homoeopathy shall continue his labours without regard to the risk to his own health.




A practitioner of Homoeopathy has a right to prepare and dispense his own prescription.

The Rajasthan Homoeopathic Medicine Act 1969.)

The Rajasthan Homoeopathic Medicine Act 1969.)