At a glance


Establishment:- Established in 1956. Unit has Celebrated golden jubile in the year 2006.

Aim:- To provide free medical and health services to the poor masses at their doorstep in remote area of Rajasthan Specially in desert and tribal area.

Benefficiaries :- 

·         Caste-wise:- S.C. - 24%, S.T. - 09%, O.B.C.- 52%, Gen. - 15%

·         Economically:- The poor masses of the state gets free surgical facilities without spending a single penny and waiting.

·         All facilities like admission, investigations, surgery, post operative care and proper follow up are provided at single camp.

Importance of M.S.U.:-

·         Peace:-It provides it's services in remote areas of state by performing regular surgical camps 

·         War :- It has participated Indo- Bangladesh war. Ready to take any responsibility in war or war like situation with or without help of Arm.Medical Corp.

·         National Calamities :-Ready to participate in  Earth Quake, Flood, Radiation Hazard

Cost Effectiveness:- Operations performed by M.S.U.are cheaper than other hospitals of this State.

Total O.P.D

Total Operations

Expenditure (lacs) 

Cost per operations




Rs.2390/- + ( Rs.15 per patient for O.P.D.)

Special features of M.S.U.:-

·         M.S.U.has its three branches working at Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur. M.S.U. Jaipur has it's ability to get admission and treatment of patients up to one thousand and therefore it is the largest M.S.U. in ASIA. It is equipped with all facilities for investigations and treatment . 

·         Unit is capable of attending any national calamities/war in shortest possible time 

·         It has lowest mortality and infection rate at National Level.

·         It is the only unit getting full cooperation and support of N.G.O. for providing free medical facility to poor class of the society.

Future Plans:-

Establish Arthroscopic Surgeries of  Various Joints

Laproscopic Surgeries

I.O.L.implants by Phaco

Plastic Surgery