Achievement & Activities


Activities of Homoeopathic Directorate


• To assist Ayush department  to plan, coordinate and monitor all Homoeopathic dispensaries in state of rajasthan to provide better health services ,and develop programmes at the state & national level and recommend measures to improve them. 

• To assist the state to plan, formulate and implement health programmes/policies to decrease mortality and morbidity. 

• To inter-act with national and state level planning for better health.

• To assist state Ayush department for organizing training courses to improve skills of Homoeopathic medical officers.

• To keep in touch with research developments in Homoeopathy by universities, national and state level organizations and maintain the flow of information and ideas between research and development.

• To have close liaison with Ayush department for Extension in identifying the area where we manage and can provide support and bridge the gap.


The work we do


The Department of Homoeopathy helps people to lead a healthy life. We  make sure that people have the support ,care and treatment they deserve.


The topics on which we work


1. Public Health: Public health is about helping people to stay healthy , and protecting them from threats of disease. The Government wants everyone to make healthier choice ,regardless of their circumstances ,and to minimize the risk and impact of illness. 


2. National Health service: The Government wants department to deliver better result ,giving patients more choice and doctors and nurse / compounder more freedom to shape services that meet patients’ needs. 


3. Social care: Some people need extra care or support, practical or emotional to lead an active life and do the everyday things that many of us take for granted .The government is working to provide a social care system that provides care to those who need it, and which enables people to retain their independence and dignity. 




Organizes Arogya Mela 2014


Our department organized Arogya Mela 2014 at Birla Auditorium, Jaipur Director of Homoeopathy was Nodel Officer for the Aroghya Mela, held on 28th Feb to 3rd March, which was inaugurates by our Honorable Health Minister Shri Rajendra Singh Rathore.


Inauguration of new AYUSH BHAWAN


Director of Homoeopathy was Nodal Officer for Ayush Bhawan and New Building of Ayush Bhawan was inaugurated by Honorable Health Minister Sh Rajendra Singh Rathore on 28th Feb 2014. It cost around 8 Crs. 




1. STATE CAMPAIGN OF HOMOEOPATHY FOR MOTHER AND CHILD CARE (“MCH” ): Under the department of AYUSH, Ministry of Health and family Welfare, Govt. Of India, had organized a state level Homoeopathic Workshop of “MCH” on 9th and 10th December 2009. 

On first day workshop gave emphasis on the concept and identification of group specific problems and issues. Resolutions were formed by individual groups taking consideration the future role. On 2nd day session speakers shares their specific success stories with participants. 

The workshop was structured to maximize the exposure of the participants to the strength of homoeopathy and sensitized them for better policy and programs co-ordination and implementation in order to integrate the use of homoeopathy with respect to Mother and Child care. 


2. STATE LEVEL” TRAINING OF TRAINERS PROGRAM (T.O.T) OF HOMOEOPATHY FOR MOTHER AND CHILD CARE (“MCH” ): Under the department of AYUSH, Ministry of Health and family Welfare, govt.of India had organized a state level Homoeopathic T.O.T of “MCH”on 11-15 Feb 2010.




4. O.T.S :- Department organized and facilitated Homoeopathic medical officers training in O.T.S.

5. Workshop was organized for Homoeopathic medical officers regarding Homoeopathic treatment in incurable diseases .

6. Scheduled free Homoeopathic medical camps are organized in TSP and SCSP areas .



Two mobile units are working in TSP & SCSP areas in Rajasthan , their Head quarters are at Jaipur & Udaipur. These units organize medical camps in rural areas and provide health awareness.